The Little Island Girl That Could

Something is telling me this is what I should be doing.

Doing what exactly? Sharing stories and experiences from my travels and using the knowledge of what I know best to help others figure out where to go and what to do as well.

There are so many travel blogs out there, so what makes mine so special? My mind often races between where I’m going next to how can I possibly pay for each trip that my heart desires. I have a friend who often tells me, “One trip at a time,” as to remind me to slow down. I figure the best way to slow down is to write about each experience so I can relive those moments any time I choose to. I’m passionate about this, and quite determined to make it work–whatever this turns out to be.

So, for the rest of the year, I’ll be going backwards to each experience that I’ve had in 2016 alone. As a New Year’s resolution I made this year my “JUST GO” year. After a bad breakup and emotional exhaustion, sometimes you really just have to do something for yourself, and this was my great escape.

This year my trips consisted of trips with friends and a study abroad. This is the order of where I went and who I was with:

  • Oahu, Hawaii with Judy (January)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada with a bachelorette party for Jayne (March)
  • Back to Hawaii for Jayne and Karl’s wedding (March)
  • Coachella, California for… well, the Coachella music festival! (April)
  • Back to Las Vegas–we’ll call this a solo trip. Don’t travel when you’re dating (haha) (May)
  • Valencia, Spain for my study abroad with nine other students (all of June)
  • Rome, Italy for a weekend with everyone except Marie and Mauricio (June)
  • Barcelona, Spain for a weekend with everyone except Gustavo (June)
  • Tempe, Arizona for my birthday weekend with Samantha, Colin, and Kory (August)
  • Paris, France with Robert (September)
  • Orlando, Florida with Arielle and Robert (November)

Not to mention how many times I have to go to Disneyland and those little mini trips into Los Angeles or San Diego. Those count. It’s a very different world sometimes than my Orange County bubble!

I’m not sure why I didn’t just start writing while in those places, or immediately after the trips, especially when my role during my study abroad was to act like a foreign correspondent or travel writer.

It’s never too late though. Five years ago I left my home in Hawaii to go on a big adventure in California, and I’m still here living my dream. Along the way I’ve learned many lessons and gained a lot of experience from this life. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

From being an island girl with a very minimal travel background to someone who’s done ten trips in one year, I can say I’ve come a long way!

Thank you, whoever you are, for reading this and coming along my journey with me. I hope it’s something I can keep at too, especially since I have an official domain.

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